Kites in Napa Vineyard
Craftsmann Inn . Calistoga, CA

We have been fortunate enough to live in and visit some of the loveliest places in the world. When it came time to make a big step, leaving behind our former corporate and globe-trotting lifestyle for a slower paced and more genuine existence, I knew that we had to move to Napa Valley. I was right.


Living in this bountiful valley, my approach to cooking has been influenced by what is local and what is in season, blackberries plucked from a vineyard hedgerow, chanterelles foraged from a friend’s patch of forest, fresh fruit and vegetable finds from the farmers’ market. Drawing on these great ingredients, and my experiences from around the world, I began creating unique breakfast recipes for my guests. 


Like the great local wines, we are all a product of what the French call terroir. Food, for me, is love. Just ask my family. Now, I have the chance to share my food and my love with you. I hope that it brings you joy, and that you will pass it on to others.

Wine Way Inn . Calistoga, CA